Our Mission

We exist to positively impact a billion human lives by 2030.
egomonk is a global intelligence platform delivering asymmetric outcomes by bringing organizations closer to the communities they want to serve and the leaders they wish to influence.

Our Opportunity

We help you make sense of change so you can take the next right step.
The pace of change will continue to rise as we hurtle towards the future and we believe the following key trends will shape our world in the coming decades.

Attention and trust will grow scarcer as everything becomes intelligent.
Capital will chase after black swan events to generate significant IRR.
Planetary conservation will be the responsibility of every organisation.
Distribution and reach will provide enduring competitive advantages.
Work resilient to automation will exponentially increase in value.
Organizations will constantly experiment to survive and thrive.

Our Solutions

We impact 24 million humans annually in over 30 countries.
All our solutions are developed to remove information asymmetry, improve efficiencies, command attention and unlock network benefits across any function, industry or geography.


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Social Impact

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Our Partners

We are always looking to grow our tribe so reach out to us today.
We have collaborated with marquee organizations all over the world to deliver impact and strive to develop proximate partnerships.