Prashant has always identified as a woman. For her, womanhood is a crucial part of her identity, whether or not her physical body acknowledges this fact. Growing up, Prashant was acutely aware that she was not what society considered "manly." This is probably why Prashant chose to express her freedom through her drag alias - Bahaar. Bahaar was everything that Prashant wanted to be from birth. Bahaar was elegant, strong, powerful, and empathetic. Bahaar was beautiful, and Bahaar was her.

Being a woman is not a gender. It is an emotion.

As she has said in public forums before, she did not choose drag, drag has always been a part of her. Despite drag culture's limited presence in metropolitan India, Prashant knows that the mainstreaming of drag through social media and television shows like RuPaul's drag race is inevitable. It might be slow, but there has been a heightened acceptance of drag especially post the 377 rulings. And Prashant is a firm believer that drag does not need to be restricted to only members of the LGBTQ community. Its empowering qualities should be embraced at least once in a lifetime by cisgender individuals so they can understand and experience the exhilarating confidence and liberty that drag queens and kings feel.

When not in drag persona, Prashant is also an ethical entrepreneur. Previously a stylist, Prashant had always wanted to switch careers into something that came closer to her calling. She wanted to design clothes that were sustainable, ethical, vegan and produced with minimal wastage - a cross between slow fashion and trendy. Prashant remains optimistic and has a bullish outlook for sustainable fashion.

Consumers are aware what they are wearing.

Despite having started her apparel brand D'Estello only a year ago, Prashant has met breakout success. Personalities like Anish Gawande and Rishab Purohit have been seen wearing her designs. She admits that although starting the venture has not been an easy feat with a global pandemic raging on, Prashant has always given it her best. However, she is aware and grateful for the community support she has had. Several of her colleagues and friends have helped bring her vision to life.

Prashant was also wary of making blanket statements about a world that she had not yet participated in. As a rookie entrepreneur, she shied away from making suggestions for inclusivity in corporate India. Instead, she was very vocal and clear on what she would want in her own company as a founder and CEO. Prashant hopes that her playbook will serve as an example for other budding entrepreneurs. The advice is simple - be genuine, accepting, and have an open mind.

If you don't embrace people for who they are, or whatever shape or form they come in, you will be looked down upon.

Based in Bangalore, Prashant is a fitness enthusiast, home chef, and self-made entrepreneur. Being a vegan, Prashant has a deep commitment to protecting animals and nature. This is probably why her own goals and her brand's purpose have always revolved around empowering communities.

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