Trinetra has lived her life with an optimism that is, in her own words, "almost baby-like." Despite all the bullying, harassment, and gender dysphoria she faced, not unlike many others in her situation, she has come out with her held blazingly high. An intern in a private hospital, Trinetra hopes to pursue acting to bring an accurate representation of transgender people in mainstream media. Trinetra has spent half her life battling gender dysphoria and shedding the internalized homophobia that she had been conditioned with. However, Trinetra was recently able to officially change her gender markers. This success has only been a small milestone in a long journey. It may be a legal victory, but Trinetra had already fully embraced womanhood with the utmost joy a long time ago.

Womanhood to me is my most precious gift and possession.

Talking about the mental health of young adults struggling with various issues like dysphoria, family estrangement, loneliness, depression, Trinetra stresses the absence of mental health support and critical infrastructure in India. She underscores the importance of having support from the community members before undertaking any decision that can have life-changing repercussions. Trinetra has acknowledged the discomfort she has often felt with her family members, especially after the transition. However, she does recognize some privileges she has had regarding family support, like her dad accompanying her for the transition surgery, her relationship with her brother, snippets of which can be seen on her social media.

Parents: Listen to your children!
The Government: Include the LGBTQ+ community in your decisions.

Trinetra has a unique social media presence. Her pictures are often accompanied by long captions that are sometimes hauntingly beautiful. Her flair for writing is evident from the way she can articulate her emotions of leaving behind Angad (her name assigned at birth) and the emotional strength that she has gained. Trinetra uses her voice and influence to educate people, provide support, and highlight the injustices faced by the community, political inaction and regressive policies being upheld. She does all this while battling armies of trolls, cyberbullies, and homophobic comments. What's commendable is that Trinetra has not shied away from calling out her bullies publicly. She uses her platform on social media and that given by her current profession to call attention to the negligence within the medical fraternity. From syllabuses and hostel infrastructures to the mindsets even in the highest ranks, the doctors in India have shown consistent apathy and ignorance.

Medical system must remove all kinds of pathologizing language.

The lack of proper knowledge even within the medical community was also an impetus for Trinetra to document her journey of transition. Trinetra has her own Youtube channel, called The Trinetra Method, where she chronicled her gender reassignment surgery in Thailand. Throughout the vlogs, Trinetra is painfully honest and unwilling to sugarcoat her discomfort. But she also shows a cathartic release of joy and happiness in finally being able to fully embrace her identity after all the hardships. These videos played an outsized role in ensuring there was enough accessible information for transgender people to discover and consider undergoing the procedure. For a community with specific medical needs, Trinetra plays her part in normalizing conversations surrounding them and dismantling otherness.

Trinetra also mentioned how misrepresentation in mainstream media gave rise to her passion for acting, a desire that she may pursue in the future. She highlights the incredible power of content to unpack LGBTQ issues by urging all her viewers (especially young ones) to watch Paris is Burning, Sex Education, and Pose. This way, they will better understand the changing modern perceptions of the LGBTQ community and sex and intimacy in general and the vilification and violence that the community has historically suffered.

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