We developed a remote web show with  Amman-based sustainability expert - Ruba Al-Zu'bi - to provide a space for meaningful long-form discussions on topics such as urban development, green financing, the role of startups and the efforts of the private sector in the MENA. The region plays a critical role in global energy markets and must pivot hard to become energy efficient and wean itself off its oil economy. In this context, we engaged with six different stakeholders from across the MENA to showcase multifaceted nuanced opinions on the the roadmap for the next era. Our guests for the inaugural season were -

  1. Dr. Iyad Abumoghli, Director of the UN Environment Programme's Faith for Earth initiative
  2. Leena Al Olaimy, the Co-founder and Executive Chairperson of 3BL Associates
  3. Karim Elgendy, Founder of Carboun
  4. Dr. Heike Harmgart,  Managing Director (Southern and Eastern Mediterranean) of EBRD
  5. Aline Bussmann, Regional director for cewas Middle East
  6. Ibrahim Al Zubi, Chief Sustainability Officer of Majid Al Futtaim Group


The series was exclusively released on our social channels and insights platform with a focus on exposing it to an affluent audience in the MENA. We targeted leaders in the 25 to 55 age bracket with demonstrable interests and/or expertise in sustainability who were currently based in the region.

Impressions: 455,000
The number of times our assets were displayed to our target audience.

Views: 219,000
The number of times our assets were consumed by our target audience.

Unique Reach: 157,000
The number of unique people who were exposed to our series.

Time Period: 7 weeks


We produced a series of posters, articles, video interviews and stories over a span of 7 weeks during which time the assets were released weekly.

Faith and Environmental Action in the MENA
Show: Sustainability in the Next EraThe Faith for Earth initiative by the UnitedNations Environment Programme recognizes the potential that faith-basedorganizations have in driving climate action across the globe. 84% of the global population believes in a divine power that manifests in a setof …
Leveraging Nature for Sustainable & Profitable Economic Development
Show: Sustainability in the Next EraResources from nature have been used toprofit humans, while nature itself has languished under extreme exploitation.Even though there have been massive technological revolutions, there has alsobeen an acceleration of climate change catastrophes. The deadline fo…
Low Carbon Urban Development in the MENA
Show: Sustainability in the Next EraCities are the highest forms of humancivilizations, developed with the sole purpose of improving economicefficiencies. However, in this race for economic scale, what has been lost isequity and environmental footprint. By 2050, it is expected that almost 70% of…
Role of International Financial Institutions in the Green Economy
Show: Sustainability in the Next EraFinancial institutions like the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development[] (EBRD) are integral to introducing policies toaccelerate decarbonization and sustainable development while providing inclusiveopportunities and focusing …
The Role of Startups in MENA’s Sustainable Recovery
The pandemic has pushed many companies to the brink of collapse. And in theentrepreneurial world, many startups that do not have a safety net suddenly findthemselves entirely dependent upon their savings. However, in a world that isnow focused on recovery, businesses are aware of building more ag…
Sustainability Efforts by the Private Sector in the MENA
Show: Sustainability in the Next EraAlthough the onus of driving sustainabilityin a nation rests with the government, it simply cannot be done withoutmeaningful co-operation from and willingness of the private sector. They areintegral behind providing the ecosystem with funding, investing in rese…

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